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New Blog!

Welcome to the first post on my new blog! Since a lot of the researchers I follow all have research blogs, I figured I should create one of my own.

I’m not new to blogging - years ago, I helped to maintain a Wordpress blog for an organization I was interning at. However, Wordpress is a ginormous piece of software, and it was a pain to remove all of the spam that accumulated on our site. Because of that, I chose a more lightweight solution for this blog.

Right now, I’m using the Jekyll engine with a theme based on Lanyon. The key advantage of Jekyll is that it builds a static website for me. That means that when a user (such as yourself) visits my blog, they are served raw HTML and CSS files that have been pre-generated. This is in contrast to what Wordpress does, whereby the blog is generated dynamically from posts stored in a database somewhere.

I figured that I would abandon this site if it wasn’t super easy to use. Thankfully, I’ve set it up so that posts are created automatically when I push to my git repository. This also means that my files also get backed up in github! See this tutorial for how I did that (it involves adding a post-receive hook).

More to come!

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